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At home in more than 60 countries. That is masculan®. Attention to detail, passion for the cause, responsibility in action – all over the world, masculan® provides for carefree moments together ...



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When you know how it's done, you're on the safe side.

Quite frankly, using masculan® condoms safely could not be easier. And anyone who has never used condoms before, can try it alone at first. This will give you even more confident later on when it really matters.

1. Opening the package safely

Carefully remove the condom from the protective film. Take good care that you do not damage it with your fingernails, jewellery or similar items! Now, hold the condom reservoir between your thumb and forefinger and ensure that the rubber ring is on the outside. Only then can the condom be securely rolled on.

2. Putting on the condom

Place the condom on the tip of the penis and leave enough room at the top for the sperm. Pinch the reservoir with the fingers so that no air remains trapped there. Using your free hand, roll the condom down without wrinkling it over the erect penis.

3. After intercourse

Before the penis becomes flaccid, remove the condom by holding it firmly at the base of the penis to prevent it from slipping. Caution! When used for non-vaginal (anal) intercourse, there is a greater risk of the condom slipping off or being damaged.

4. Disposal of the condom

Dispose of used condoms hygienically and throw them in the waste bin, not the toilet. Important: masculan® condoms are disposable products. Please therefore only use each condom once! If used multiple times, there is a greater risk that the condom will rupture or slip off and therefore no longer provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. A re-used condom does not provide any protection!


1. How safe are condoms?

Condoms have two functions. One is to prevent pregnancy, and the other is to protect against infection with sexually transmitted diseases. When used correctly, they work very well – because modern condoms fit properly, are extremely resistant and are thus a very safe contraceptive.

Nevertheless, no contraceptive guarantees 100% protection against pregnancy or infection. But the proper use of a masculan® condom indicates appropriately responsible behaviour.

2. What do I do "afterwards"?

After ejaculation, the penis starts becoming flaccid again. That is not a problem if you hold the condom at the base and withdraw it with the penis from the vagina. If you do not do that, the sperm may run out from under the condom and enter the vagina. That must not happen!

3. When is it better not to use latex condoms?

As always in life, there are always exceptions in using latex condoms. While a latex allergy is extremely rare, anyone who has one should not use them. This also applies to the external use of medicines on the penis or vagina. Consult a doctor or pharmacist regarding tolerance.

4. Where is best place to keep masculan® condoms?

Since sex can happen very spontaneously, you should always have a condom readily at hand. Best to stock up in advance! For longer storage at home, keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. This need not be the refrigerator. A drawer will do just fine.

5. What kind of lubricant gels would be appropriate if I want to use one?

You certainly can use lubrication along with masculan® brand condoms if you want to. However, it should not be oil-based or fat-based, since these destroy latex. Better to choose one of our original masculan® lubricant gels. They are all water-based and a lot of fun!

6. Why can't I re-use the same condoms?

Condoms are made to be used once. Washing them after use wears out the natural material. It will no longer fit like the first time. And, to be honest, used condoms are not only unsafe but unsexy. Better to buy a large pack of masculan® brand condoms – they are safe and reliable.



Quality for everyone. Even in love.

Typisch masculan

Our quality is spread all over the world - by everyone who treats themselves and their partners responsibly.

Naturally, we are proud of this, and work passionately every day so that love is even more fun.  But precise manufacturing, high quality raw materials and electronic testing of each condom are just three of the imporant factors.

We have also learned a lot about different lifestyles of people around the world. This is why we are able to consider different needs and can continuously make our products safer and more fun.


European regulations on the quality assurance of condoms require four tests. That is not enough. Each masculan® condom must pass six demanding tests before it can leave the factory and have its big moment in love.

  • The leak test: manual and electronic tests of the condom for leaks.
  • The visual test: visual inspection of the entire surface of the condom.
  • The fill test: durability test by filling the condom's inner chamber to its maximum capacity.
  • The stretch test: A sample is mechanically stretched to its maximum length.
  • Rupture force measurement: Measures the force necessary to rupture a sample in the stretch test.
  • Stretch length measurement: Measures the length obtained before a sample ruptures in a stretch test.


The brand for love around the world

Die Marke

We are driven by a zest for life and passion. Invented in the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg with its famous nightlife, the masculan® brand has been providing protection and safety now since 1989.

With much heart and soul, masculan® has reached more and more people: women and men who make love both freely and responsibly. With a broad range of premium quality condoms and a product range to suit them.

Each masculan® condom has been tested six times for safety and noticeable wearing comfort. We have a passion for creating great products, from the development process, to manufacturing, to distribution and delivery into your hands. The rest is then up to you.



In addition to the simple freedom that masculan® condoms bring to love, protection from AIDS and STIs is our greatest concern.

masculan® actively supports organisations and movements who inform young people about safer sex, e.g. the Michael Stich Foundation, the "Jugend gegen AIDS" association and Christopher Street Day in Hamburg.

We also directly help those people who are affected by AIDS. For example, through the German organisation "Aids Hilfe Hamburg", the "Initiativa Pozitiva" in Moldavia, the "CASA Blanca" project of the Hamburg health department, among others.

Incidentally, masculan® condoms are made from 100% natural rubber. They contain no animal ingredients, which means they are vegan!


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